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Hi! I’m so happy you stopped in. Really, it's so great! I’m Marnie. I’m an energy healer and spiritual coach, and sometimes . . . I like to write. So alas, this is my blog space Balancing Duality


Half journal, half self-help resource for awakening souls, it's where I share my professional insights as an energy healer, and my personal experiences as someone living and navigating life in this epic decade that is the 20’s. All documented for your entertainment, and inspired by soul-centered living, healing repertoire, and my new found detectivesque curiosity for current events once I learned how to see them from a more galactic perspective.

I'm also an advocate for spiritual development, and as far as lineages or timelines go, I tend resonate with the realms of spiritual embodiment, christ consciousness, organic ascension, the lineage of the rose, the Cathars, and planetary ascension from 3rd density to 5th density.


I like to think that God is found in the present moment and that the earth gives us everything we need to become healed and whole in our lives.


Each one of us is unique, so the best answers will come from within, but it's nice to be reminded of the path, and here in these blog posts that's exactly what I hope to do. 


That all illness can be * healed  because illness is a reflection of the stepping away from the God force within us—however innocent, ancient, and unconscious that choice may have been in the past. That we can find the goodness of God again by going into our hearts and when we do, that he/she brings healing, a greater sense of empowerment, and a desire to seek truth, growth, balance, and loving connections through service to others in our lives. 

*Healing: one definition of the word heal is to make whole, under this definition healing as a verb is an action that unifies separation.


While many entries are themed  around personal healing and are great for everyone, there are some entries written in Disclosure and Current Events  that discuss the hidden magical aspects of our systems. I find that it takes a strong stomach and a healthy connection to our internal worlds to digest this type of content, so please peruse accordingly.

Enlightened Living  &  Healing Tales from the 20's 

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