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The Little Lion Spirit & The Dreamer

Hello my friends,

Here I am! It's been a while. 💖

I'm sitting here in small restaurant in Pisac, Peru and it’s chilly. Just like a crisp and colorful fall day if I were to transpose a memory from the more familiar Canadian climate of my roots. But instead, I’m in another hemisphere, and I’m sitting here cozy in the corner of a second story dining room overlooking the quaintness of a town square; the Andes mountains towering, mythically, majestically in the background. The tan colored walls of the café painted are with sparkling pastel flowers on a vine, sky blue terrace doors are open to the sacred valley sunlight, and all the blue velvet seats are all empty! 😳

It’s low season, and because I’m the only gringo in this beautiful destination point cafe, the VERY friendly house cat, who’s name is also Gringo coincidentally, has just spent some quality time sitting on my lap. So, naturally I’ve been experiencing heaven, and rightly so . . . I’m gearing up in real time for a ceremony in the Sacred Valley, commencement time: tomorrow 0900.

I have to tell you that I’m very excited for this week coming up, and to my surprise the spirit of the lion has arrived in full force. He started out little, peaking out through the morning prowl of our house cat Theo, and has only been getting bigger as I’ve allowed the presence of his spirit to grow in my mind.


When it comes guidance on the souls journey, three times the charm . Meet Theo, Gringo & Croissant; yes, these are all different kitties!

Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in a a much anticipated, plant medicine ceremony. San Pedro, also know as the Wachuma or Huachuma Cactus, is the power plant of this area, and since the medicine man is the cousin of my new Israeli friend, I even got to help prepare it—making it all that much more meaningful.

San Pedro (St. Peter) is the spirit connected with the Hauchuma cactus, and here we're preparing the green part of plant to be cooked.

Then, a couple of days after that, I’ll be meeting Dona Maria; the medicine woman from my first book, and the Altum Mesayoq from the Qeros tribe close to Cusco. I’m over the moon in anticipation for this meeting. She's my raison d'être, the central pull, what made me decide to come to Peru in the first place; it was only after I arrived that I realized it would be possible. Talk about a leap of intuitive faith on my part! 👁 And to add icing to this very delicious cake that I’ve been baking, the day of our meeting is on non other than the Spring Equinox (or the Fall Equinox if you're reading this from the Northern Hemisphere), another synchronicity.

Now, it’s just my guess, but I bet you probably don’t know what the word Altum Mesayoq means, and why would you? It comes from the Quechua language of the natives who live here in the mountains, and unless you’re a local, a historian, an anthropologist, or have a soul that resonates with their spiritual lineage (like I do), you'd have most likely have never been introduced to it.

Altum Mesayoq is not a title given to many. These are the highest initiated healers in the Qero lineage and they only come around every third generation or so. Dona Maria is almost 100 years old, and based on my research, in our present day, she's one of only two living humans with this title.

The story goes that Dona Maria was hit by lightening at 14 years of age, symbolizing the beginning of her initiation to connect directly with the Ruwal, the infinite spirit that creates and gives energy to all the Gods and Goddesses, and especially the Apus, the sacred mountain spirits here in Peru. Ruwal, Apus—these are words taken directly from the Qeros, and if I were to translate them into my own vocabulary, I would say that she’s been initiated to connect directly with source (or God), and the individual deities of each mountain here in the valley.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I love to do research, and a couple clicks deeper into the Qeros offerings online, I discovered that Dona Maria was accessible thought the Incan Medicine School created by her brother. Their website, (which might I add, has brought me to tears more than once now), explains in detail their mission, healings and initiations. The school is a direct opening to their traditions and spiritual wisdom, and was created in response to a universal ancestral prophesy; a time on earth when the rainbow warriors would begin to unite all over the world. In the words of their own tradition, “The day when the Eagle of the North will join the Condor of the South and fly together.”

The second initiation I’ll be going through with the Qeros, if everything goes as planned—and I know by now in my life that things don’t always do! Is one that would connect me directly with the Pleiades. “Mama Qoto” in the Quechua language, which to them is the spirit of a star in the milky way constellation that governs with Mother Earth. 🌎

Ever since my awakening in 2012, the pleiades have been near and dear to my heart, and considering that the current state of my energy field has been described as a spiralling vortex the size of a planet or like a comet landing by more than one healer now, I’m thrilled at the thought of what these initiations could mean for my dharma. For the past three years I've been going through an energetic process that's been connecting me to my past life gifts and wounds 😰, to that I can . . . in the words of this present day, become “the little lion” that I was always meant to be.

It’s all very exciting, and I’m a bit surprised to be honest! In this very moment I'm experiencing my life’s dream of becoming a world explorer, digital nomad & spiritual way shower coming true. This is the very dream I’ve been dreaming for years now, and it’s come on the coat tail of some bitter medicines: three years of covid, a massive contraction to my identity, and the tried and true saying that “good things come to those who wait”. After three difficult years of rabbit holes and growing roots, the sun kissed leaves of my newly blossoming maple tree 🇨🇦 🥰 branches are reaching into my mid thirties, and in this breath filled moment, I couldn’t be happier.

Long story short, I’m feeling the energetic build up to these ceremonies I've scheduled, and joy has started to fill my heart full of insights that are only just beginning to reveal themselves. Along with the appearance of my three little lion guides, the spirit of San Pedro 🌵 has also arrived, and like a rainbow 🌈 arch of loving grace, you know that I’ll be sharing as much as I can with you all here as I go through what feels to be a big initiation for my spirit.

So stay tuned my friends, I’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the details.

In loving service,









It wouldn't be a Marnie blog without some bonus content. I wrote this for an instagram video after leaving Costa Rica to help put into words the big emotions and gratitude I was feeling. Like it did for me, I hope that if you're ready, it inspires you to follow yours souls calling. To take a leap of faith. ✨

Would You Choose To Become The Dreamer?

What if the road to spiritual wellness,

Began by remembering to dream?

Would you choose to become the dreamer?

And what if somewhere deep inside of your heart,

Were the codes to human wholeness?

What if, just like a flower,

Your inborn nature was to blossom and thrive?

Would you find a way to dream it?

If the earth was teacher a master teacher,

Sharing harmony and balance,

Would you choose let her teach you?

And if your body was a temple,

Made from a master,

And enlivened by a star;

If your essence was the key to everything,

Would you find a way to ignite it?

If the fabric of life was made from light and sound,

Would you find a way to open to it?

What if your body, mind, & emotions

Were pieces of a divine design,

Would you find a way to unearth them?

If there was no such things as separation,

If every cell in your beautiful being was a window to your soul,

Would you learn to see yourself through the eyes of love?

If life was a dream,

And you were the dreamer,

What would it take,

For you to dream your most beautiful dream?

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Hi I'm Marnie,

. . . and I’m so happy you stopped in.

Really, it's so great! Welcome to my  blog 😊.

I’m an energy healer and spiritual coach, and my business is virtual, so I'm able to travel while I work. 


Three or four months of the year I'm trekking around the globe, and Balancing Duality is where I bridge my professional insights as an energy healer with my personal experiences as someone living and navigating life in this epic decade that is the 20’s 💃.


Written with your entertainment in mind, my content is often inspired by history and current events from a more galactic perspective. 


I'm also an advocate for spiritual development (obviously! I'm an energy healer, lol 🥰) and as far as lineages go, I tend draw my information from the realms of spiritual embodiment, Christ Consciousness, organic ascension, the lineage of the rose, the Cathars in France, the Qeros in Peru, Sri Aurobindo, Barbara Brennan, Rudolph Steiner, and the idea of planetary ascension from 3D to 5D. 

Each one of you reading this is beautifully unique, and your most valuable answers will come from within 💖. But . . . it's also a gift to be reminded of the path, and so I hope you'll join me as I write about my wild adventures, because here in these blog posts . . . that's exactly what I hope to do!


The path to energetic wholeness is a slow and steady process that unfolds over time. There's also a science to it.


Through trial and error🕵🏻‍♀️, I've learned that when we stay connected energetically with the earth 🌎 and with the sun ☀️, we stay aligned with our highest timeline and gain access to the tools we'll need to become healed and whole in our lives.


When it comes to illness, in theory, all dis-ease can be *healed  because dis-ease is a reflection of us stepping away from the God force within—however innocent, ancient, and unconscious that choice may have been in the past.

God is found in the present moment, and we can find the goodness of God by going into our hearts. When we do he/she brings healing, a greater sense of empowerment, and a desire to seek truth, growth, balance, and loving connections through service to others  in our lives. 💖

*The definition for healing that I like to use is this one: heal means to make whole; healing as a verb is an action that unifies separation.

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