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Earth Heart Healing's Virtual  Front Desk


Single sessions, packages & transformational programs, which one's for me?

At Earth Heart Healing my offerings range from momentary healing support to intensive programs designed to catalyze your growth on an energetic level. So . . . which offering is right for you? 

  • Singles sessions are a great option if you want to explore energy healing for the first time, want to get to know me and my process before making a bigger investment, or if you're seeking a moment of support to go deeper on an issue. I offer 1hr and 1.5 hr sessions in this format because sometimes 1hr isn't enough to get to root of something in one go. * If you're considering a one time session, please tune in with your intuition to choose the amount of time that's right for you.

  • Packages are a great option if you're working through something of medium intensity, for example a job or relationship change, a layer of inner child work or a physical recovery, and if you're preferring to make this change gradually. Packages are also great if you find that weekly to monthly soul level check-ins help to uplift your focus and steer you in a positive direction.

  • The Soul Growth Breakthrough Bundle transformational program is designed as powerful vortex for growth. It's a great option if you're ready to make some serious and immediate changes in your life and your energy field; if you're being called to align more deeply with your soul and level up your frequency in a big way! This program is a seven week multi-faceted container that's offered both one-on-one and as a group program for four to six people. In addition to the seven live healing/coaching sessions, you'll also receive a full course on the science of your energy field, and weekly guidance through recorded videos, workbook prompts, and office hours. 

I'm new to energy healing, what can a session help me with?

Energy healing is a type of healing that can:


  • Bring your nervous system into the present moment to make you feel more clear, expanded and aware.

  • Balance and clear your chakras and auric field to make you feel lighter, more present and yourself. 

  • Explore patterns from your lineage to allow mental, emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even physical imbalances to heal from the root.

  • Nurture your inner child to foster a greater sense of self love, a deeper understanding of your nature, a compassionate sense of why you are the way you are, and more wholeness in your life. 

  • Discover and dissolve unwanted relationship cords to create a sense of resolve and closure in a  relationship. 

  • Explore the higher dimensions of who you are from soul level to expand into more of your beauty, potential, and grace.

  • Connect with the present lessons and themes of your life's journey to help you make decisions with more precision and clarity. 

  • Clear stagnant energy and reveal what life patterns aren't serving you. 

  • Offer compassionate support for the grieving process to help you move through life transitions with more assurance, ability and love. 

  • Offer soul centered teachings that aid in your awakening and support you in living your life to the fullest.

  • Activate your energy for a greater sense of health and well-being.

  • Support you in creating a life that reflects your souls purpose. 

​What will a session be like?

Sessions are client centered and informed by you and your needs--together we'll take an approach that meets the moment and suites you best as an individual. The first thing you'll experience during the booking process is an intake form, this is designed to help me get to know you better and well as highlight what you're hoping to achieve before we meet. Next, we'll meet for your live zoom session and you can expect a synergy between some of the following things:



  • Room to share why you're here, and what's troubling you.

  • Intuitively guided meditations that assist you in both exploring and energetically healing aspects of your inner world.

  • A type of inner inquiry called Awareness Dialogue.

  • Breath work as a way to move energetics.

  • Soul level guidance that meets you where you're at.

At the end of your session, you'll have an opportunity to ask any lingering questions, share from the heart, and reflect on your experience (if you feel so inclined). For one time sessions and packages I may or may not suggest heartwork, and if it suits, we'll discuss your options for continued support or alternately if you're feeling confident and complete in your process for now. If you're attending a session as part of a transformational program, we'll chat abut heartwork, and I'll prep you for your week ahead.


Why are graduate session less expensive than new & regular client sessions?


As a token of my appreciation, I offer a 20% discount on all sessions and packages to graduates of my Soul Growth Breakthrough Bundle. Graduate clients have invested a substantial amount of time and funds in Earth Heart Healing, and have trusted me with their truth and vulnerability. I so value the depth and authenticity I get to share with each and every one of my graduate students and this discount is a small token of my continued love and support for their process if ever they feel they need it.

The new client intake form asks for personal details about my lifestyle and health history. Do I have to fill these out before I make a purchase?

Filling out your personal health details can sometimes feel counter intuitive when it's done online, so know that you're not obligated to fill out anything more than your name and email to work with me. Fostering a sense of safety during your experience from start to finish is one of my top priorities, and if it interests you, I ask for your personal information for the followings two reasons:

  • 1) I was trained in traditional mainstream college that took a very grounded and integrative approach to spiritual healing. Advanced Integrate Energy Healing is a subtle healing modality that considers data collection as a step towards integrating spiritual healing modalities with the rest of western medical world. Evidenced based scientific studies help to bring new ways of healing to the forefront of our culture, and my desire for detailed data collection is (loosely) for this reason. I may choose to create an evidence based book or something of that likeness with this data in the future.

  • 2) I ask for your personal information is to get to know you better. A holistic understanding of your wellbeing, your lifestyle, and your healing journey gives me valuable insight on how to best serve you, and lets us make the most of our one-on-one time together.

I make every effort to keep your personal data confidential. See Earth Heart Healing's privacy policy for more details on this topic. 

Why do I have to fill out my address to make a purchase?

Adding your address on the purchase page is required solely because Wix, the website platform I use to host this website, doesn't allow these intake fields to be deleted from the checkout. Wix is constantly making improvements to their user experience and are currently taking votes on this issue. If you're interested, you can add your vote to their article here, and support this option being fast tracked in their updates.

I make every effort to keep your personal data confidential. See Earth Heart Healing's privacy policy for more details on this topic. 

What is your cancelation policy? 

  • For Singles sessions: You reserve the right to cancel at any time 24hrs in advance of your booking for a full refund or the ability to reschedule at your convenience. For cancelations made less that 24hrs in advance of your booking you'll be charged a cancelation free equal to 50% of your purchase price and refunded the remainder. If you'd like to reschedule you'll be charged an additional late rebooking fee equal to 30% of your purchase price.

  • Packages: Individual sessions contained in a package purchase have the same cancelation structure as single sessions cancelations. If you'd like to cancel your package purchase you can do so at any time. Upon doing so you'll be charged the full session price of $111 for each session you've attended, and be refunded the rest of your purchase. 

  • The Soul Growth Breakthrough Bundle transformational program: You reserve the right to cancel your purchase at any time before the start of your fourth session. Upon doing so you'll only be charged my hourly rate for up to 4 hours (up to 3 sessions + the questionnaire analysis) a maximum of $444 USD tax inc, and be refunded the rest of your purchase. 

Have more questions? Send an email to and I'll respond within 48hrs. I may even add your question to the list! 

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