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Breakthrough Bundle

7 WEEKLIVE & 1-ON-1, SOUL-LEVEL transformational
program designed to catalyze your growth.

Are you  ready   to  go  within
   and   transform  your life   for the better? 


My Background
Energy Healing & Why I Created A
Teaching Component For This Program

The Teaching Component
The Questionnaire





The Transformational Process
The Workbook

Who Do I Serve?
The Transformations
Your Experience & My ' Some 
Money Back ' Guarantee

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Whether you're seeking

guidance with inner

child healing, or you're

ready to complete a

cycle in your with life

confidence and certainty,

the Soul Growth

Breakthrough Bundle

can help.

Caring, intuitive, and heart-centered beauty,  

do you sense that something greater awaits you?

You're onto something soulful and true. 

The truth is, everything about who you are is available to you

when you go within, your childhood programming, your souls

purpose, your next level self, your gifts, your wounds,

and for your soul — ALL of your learning and

lived experience is the reason for being here. 

So, if you're ready to bring pieces of your shadow 

self to light and experience the pathways

to more joy, aliveness, and passion in your life, a

greater sense of purpose, and more personal power,

then tune into your heart,

. . . and if it says yes!

then let this program be your guide. 


The Program
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A summary of what we'll cover in the                     curriculum:

Soul Growth

The               process:


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Expand and live
your potential from
the inside out. 

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Healing       Sessions


  Work book      



  • the rules of energetic consent

The energetic theory for:

  • how to move subtle energy

  • your high sense perception

  • ground, centre & align

  • the subtle (or sacred) heart

  • the three higher layers and the three higher chakra's of your energy field.

  • the three lower layers and the three lower chakra's of your energy field

  • human programming and how trauma gets stored in the energy field

  • relational cords

  • the journey from 3D, 4D, 5D, and energetic sovereignty

  • your soul-self and the human potential 



The guided meditations: 

  • the divine inner child attunement

  • the sacred heart attunement

  • the higher self attunement

  • a gentle exploration of the wounded inner child 

  • an exploration of your internal energetics using an AIEH 4th & 5th dimensional healing process informed by Sri Aurobindo

  • identifying your positive relational anchors 

  • a cord clearing process

  • tune into the qualities, tendencies, knowledge and colors of your soul beyond this lifetime

  • a journey into your inner library

  • tap into the present moment with nervous system tools and focus on the breath

  • move energy with breath, sacred touch, color, imagination, compassion and lesson learning

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7 live 1-on-1  zoom
calls with Marnie 
20 + pages of educational graphics, reflective prompts, uplifting quotes, and room to let your inner
artist shine.  
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     The Work book      

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21  self directed
study videos full of lessons, meditations, tools, and techniques
to support
your growth.
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Triple your transformational  power  with  catered

  healings, self directed study, and a workbook that  brings  your inner  world to life. 

About   Marnie 

I created Earth Heart Healing
because of my love affair with the
healing arts. 

In 2012 I had my first spiritual awakening, it shook me to the core, propelled my life in a new direction, and helped me remember just how powerful a soul centered heart really is. It’s a soft kind of powerful, and the kind of powerful
that heals through love. It was an experience that sparked a complete metamorphosis
of my life.

About Marnie

Graduates share their experiences: