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10 Signs That You’re Ready For Spiritual Growth & Transformation

I don’t know about you, but for me spiritual development wasn’t a part of my life until I hit my mid 20’s. At 24 I experienced heartbreak and it initiated a spontaneous spiritual awakening in my life. Well actually, if I’m really honest, it was more like a semi-spontaneous spiritual awakening. I mean I did sign myself up for a Vipassana retreat, a 10 day course to immerse myself into the art of silence and meditation. I just didn’t expect to get such obvious and life altering results. Or that I would soon be ushered into a journey of moving against the current, and into a process of deconstructing my life so that I could then live a new one more aligned with my souls will. 

But looking back, it was all a fated process and I've got a cute little story to go with it.

Months after returning from India, and from what I would later label my initial awakening experience, I decided to get a cat. My sister, the ultimate animal lady of the family—she now collects eggs from her backyard chickens and takes daily walks around the countryside with her dog and two cats, found me one, a kitten that is, and she wouldn’t let up. 

She’d been pestering me for weeks about a client who took in a stray cat that had birthed kittens in her garage, until finally I caved. When my sweet companion arrived it was love at first sight. There was only one problem! My little kitten arrived as Cali, after her Calico markings, but me fresh from a tour in India recognized her instantly as the Indian deity Kali, the goddess of destruction. And if I had any say in the matter, there was no way she was coming into my home.  So naturally I changed my beloved cats name to Shanti, a Sanskrit term for peace and tranquility, and we carried on. 

Turns out however, that changing her name didn’t have much weight in the courts of fate, and in the years to come Kali supported the tear down of my life as I knew it. I changed career paths, sold my home, and eventually moved across the country to train in the healing arts. 

And as much as it was scary to let go, it was just as much an exciting adventure that I definitely don't regret! Surrendering to the will of my higher self ultimately built me into who I am today, living my best life in Costa Rica, as a spiritual coach who helps midwife the same sort of transformations for other amazing humans.

So, as somewhat of an expert in the field or spiritual growth and transformation, here are the ten signs that you're ready to start on a transformational journey all your own.

Ten Signs That You're Ready For Spiritual Growth And Transformation

1. Your feeling agitated by things that never used to bother you. Think of life like a warm and cozy sweater. When you’ve outgrown the one that used to fit you just right, it becomes tight, itchy, and worthy of a lash out in order for you to regain your mobility. In a sweater that no longer fits, simple day to day tasks become difficult. Life before a spiritual awakening can feel like wearing an etheric fuzzy sweater.

2. You’re starting to think that there’s more to life than meets the eye. Spiritual development expands our perception into the mysteries of life beyond the physical. So you’re right, there's a lot more to life than meets the eye, and lucky you that you’re being called to tap into it. 

3. You’re day dreaming about big moves in your life; grand adventures, quitting your job, the potential of a different partner, or even being single. It’s a miracle to live life as human being, and an even bigger miracle if you’re sensitive enough to tap into the quiet (or sometimes no so quiet) whispers from your soul self. You’re higher self wants what’s best for you, and if you’re connected, your soul will give you the visions, guidance, and dreams meant to align you in the direction of your highest potential.

4. You’re feeling stuck, tired, or saddened by your day to day routine. Your life force flows from the energy of your soul, and even if you’re unaware of it’s existence, it’s still the most powerful propellant in your life. If you’re not in alignment with the life set out for you by your soul, it’s natural that you'll become sad and uninterested in the one you’re leading. If you've got the gusto, it's time to turn that frown upside down. Take it as a reminder to get back on track with why you came to earth in the first place.

5. When people around you say that you should be happy with what you have, you want to bite their heads off. It’s true, for some people, especially those connected primarily to the physical world, it’s a healthy and valuable lesson to learn to be happy with what we have. But for someone who’s on the brink of tapping into a whole new bandwidth or reality, staying focused on the status quo is not going to help you. When you’re coming from the integrity of your heart, it’s ok to take your desires seriously. A happy and on purpose soul benefits all of humanity. 

   6.  You know deep down that you came to earth for a reason, but no one close to you is giving you the space to fulfill it. If you’re the first to bloom in a field of tulips, no one is going to believe you’ll soon be a burst of red, pink, or yellow in a sea of green, until they see it with their own eyes. Trust your inner knowing. Spiritual awakening is as innate a process here on earth as a field of flowers blooming in the spring. It's ok to make space for yourself, and to claim your empowerment. 

7. Your values are shifting. Living a life integrated with your spirit has a whole new set of values; ones that align you with your heart rather than the conditioning of your mind. So, if you suddenly find yourself interested in personal integrity, balance, self love, going deeper, and spiritual connection in your daily life, it’s time to pay attention! 

8. You’re examining your beliefs. Spiritual growth means examining all the files on your energetic hard drive. Many of our unconscious beliefs were passed down to us from our family lines, society, the entertainment industry, and schooling. This was happening while our soul self lay hidden in the background. Because of this, when we wake up to more self awareness, it’s natural for the soul to delve into our subconscious reality in a process of examining what fits and what doesn’t for us in this lifetime.

9. What used to give you joy is no longer filling you up. The soul of you wants more connection, truth, depth, and embodied growth for you in this life. It's only natural that your needs are going to shift and evolve as you grow. Feeling some emptiness in life may be because you're moving into a new platform of learning and development. Try looking for a widow of light.

10. You’re hearing alarm bells where there used to be none. Spiritual awakening is a bit like wearing glasses for the first time. Suddenly, you’re able to see the leaves on the trees crisp in the distance, and the writing on the white board no longer makes you want to squint. With clearer vision and your intuition online, many parts of your life that were there all along become worthy of addressing, and that's ok!

So there you have it! That's all ten of the signs. Many of these, I've experienced first hand on my own journey, or I've noticed them trending in my clients. And before I go ushering in each and every one of you who's tried and stressed out from life's daily requirements onto the band wagon of spiritual revolution, I also want to add in some food for thought. It's this, that sometimes feelings of frustration and burn out just need a good nap (or maybe ten), or a well held hug to get you back on track. Sometimes these same signs are just an indication that you're burnt out.

So tune in. Take some breaths and take some time. If it's so that a hug and the nap just won't do, if it's so that your inner nudge won't let up, maybe it is that the spiritual path is for you! Maybe like me, a journey of personal growth and transformation is the necessary path for happiness in your life.

One thing is clear to me thought for all of you. Eventually, you'll need to take action to get yourself to a better place. The best part about it? You have all the power. With you're heart online, you're the one who gets to decide what it is that you need, and where to take your life next.


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