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Stories From The Canadian Freedom Convoy

"We're not going to allow this Nation on the Northern part of North America to go down the drain because we have people who've gotten hungry for power and have discarded the individual freedoms that you and I own. They are ours, there's none two of us the same." - Brian Peckford, the last living signatory of our Canadian Charter

It’s been two weeks since my Freedom Rally adventure in Ottawa ended and how do I feel about it all you ask?

. . . It was AMAZING.

I mean, besides being unplanned and loud, which I know weren't it’s best qualities, especially for the locals, the Canadian Freedom Rally was our own epic demonstration of higher vibrational ideals, and a key event in earth's battle to protect the human spirit. Yes, I went for the epic description, but if you know me at all you'd also know just how much I believe it!

In February of 2022, I participated in what felt like a grassroots national festival at the foot of our Parliament. Where people came together to peacefully hold the line for our God given freedoms*. We came together as a country to light the flames of unity and love and I think we did it well. So well in fact, that I expect some exceptional films will be made about this moment.

Hear the people, overcome fear, power to the people, enough is enough!

I tend to see with an optimistic heart, so the Freedom Rally was one of the most unifying experience I’ve ever had in all my time being alive as a Canadian. It was an event that caused people to line overpasses coast to coast cheering on our truckers, where provinces and territories put differences aside and connected, where people of every race, tax bracket, and culture took a stand. Where every religion and spiritual lineage could take space on the stage to share their upliftment and the fierceness they had for defending their God given freedoms. A positive space directionally proportional, I would presume, to the repression, fear and disconnection we’ve all been feeling after two years of mandates.

I spent my Valentines in tent of open hearts. Love, coffee, and poutine filled the air and for days I felt community again. We built hockey rinks in the streets, gave food away for free and to everyone, sang, danced, and enjoyed smiles and embraces. Crime rates in the city went down an estimated 90%. Unity and goodwill toward men ran the show and it was magical. It was an experience that made me SO proud to be Canadian, not to mention how recharged I felt after each day of chit-chat.

So, why was it that the headlines weren’t all Unity & Goodwill Storm Parliament in Response to Covid Measures, Repressive Mandates Spark A Collective Gathering of Love, or Last Original Signatory of the Charter Leaves Retirement to Fight for Canada’s Future? The freedom rally was nothing like the soundbites you would have heard on the news because the government can easily make events appear undesirable in the media, and especially when those events oppose their political agenda. In this case, with many in the Liberal caucus as it’s protege’s, it’s the global reset agenda of the World Economic Forum, and since it’s our government's job to maintain a narrative they attacked the Freedom Rally with full political force.

For any of you out there who are reading my blog for the first time, some things you should know about me are that I love wholistic and spiritual healing and for the last two years I've been building this platform to share what I love. It all began with an impactful spiritual awakening in 2012. It was a shift in perception that slowed me down, offering me a glimpse into the present moment. And when I experienced the present moment, I soon realized just how powerful I really was; a creator in thought, action and essence, and coded with a divine template to co-create with and learn from the space, place, and people around me. I make it sound so abstract, because oftentimes thats were I live, but really it's as simple as remembering that you are loved and lovable, staying curious, and living without fear.

Spiritual awakening allowed me to experience life as the co-creator of my own reality. It revealed to me that what we are on the inside directs the flow of the outside, that our inner nudges and moral compass are valuable things, and that defending our freedoms (as much as they're being doused in cultural taboo at the moment) is natural to us because freedom is something deeply rooted in our humanity. Individual freedoms (so long as we do no harm), are birthrights given to each and every incarnated soul who comes to earth, and the only way it can be breached is if we consent to it.

To me, medical freedom is something innate within the fabric of a healthy country. It allows for the intuitive nature within each of us to trust in the wisdom of our bodies (an evolutionary advantage that we can all foster). This was a belief also held by many Canadians at the rally and yet (I realized while driving home to the news my first day . . . crying), it was nowhere to be found on the main stream media. In a month long series of events, the news talked about white supremacy, stealing food from the homeless, nazi flags, disturbed businesses, frustrated locals,, child protective services, and jail. Yes, there may have been one too many F*** Tr***** flags for my liking, and the media may have done well in mitigating the protests power with smears, but by choosing to leave out all of the positive narratives (the real meat and potatoes of this event), they also made it known to the public that moulding a better tomorrow doesn't have body sovereignty written into it's business plan.

Two years ago I would have never imagined freedom, the internal state of wellbeing that I had worked so hard to develop, becoming so culturally taboo. Nor did I expect it to lead me to a globally significant rally at the parliament, or that the rallies creators would be labeled as terrorists by our institution and then sent to jail. After weeks of camaraderie, joy, and connection, the hopeful and loving intentions of many took a turn for the worse when our leader swiftly implemented the War Measures Act, proving to some the he really was living inside of his own convictions while convincing others that personal freedom was a white privilege desire, even going as far as to make it something to be feared.

"It's very important to me to advance and explain that document [The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms], and those rights and freedoms to Canadians because they will begin to realize just how sacred they are." - Brian Peckford

The word privilege has gotten a bad wrap in social discourse over the last couple of years. We live in a culture that makes us believe that privilege was something given to colonial settlers (when it has always been with the elite class) and that the with more privilege comes more unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity. But, what if we flipped humanity back into the light and chose to align privilege with moral integrity and individual merit. Shift to align privilege with the heart center, and I think we could start teaching the spiritually awake version of privilege. That with more privilege comes more stewardship.

Stewardship is a great vibration to study because it instills a sense of reverence for what what is already innate within others. It teaches us that power is not only about moulding with the force of our will, a trait that can sometimes consume those in roles of power, but about holding space in such a powerful way that the essence of what we are stewarding blooms naturally (and individually). Stewardship reminds us that God has an intimate connection with every living thing, and invites us to strive for our personal limits free of guilt and shame while inviting others to do the same.

In spiritual discourse we learn that soul sovereignty is written into universal law.

What I've been learning about the world lately, is that the news is most definitely subject to political agenda and that its truest purpose is to create a distracting narrative with a firewall for the elite. It's why we haven't seen any indication that the world, at the start of this pandemic, was initiated into a lockstep plan of curated world events that will lead us into the new world order, the global reset, and the fourth industrial revolution.

If you've seen any of my previous posts, you'll know that I've alway given a negative slant to the New World Order. I've been writing as if these people were evil (meaning the inversion of live or life), but something has shifted in me since the end of the rally when a new friend from Alberta helped to soften my views. He talked about the Georgia Guide Stones and explained how he really thought they were trying their best. I mean 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature, that doesn’t sound so bad. Right? I was starting to see things from the earths point of view, and while he explained his theory for an evolutionary bottle neck, I began to think that maybe there was a place for the free thinkers after-all. That maybe the elites, with their esoteric vantage point, had accounted for this prophesied new consciousness in humanity, even ushering it in as an evolutionary jump. That as much as they were intentionally creating repression and trauma in order to mould us, that they were also accounting for a proportionate level of growth.

I LOVE that the earth is getting more attention these days, but I'm still not on board with the way that our elites have gone about creating their transitions. Why is it always war, secrecy, destabilization, fear, and trauma that they use to make changes. I mean, I’ve never tried to run the world. Eight billion people, I’m sure its a tough job, but why not choose transparency and the transfer of knowledge? Are we really still so stuck in our reptilian brains? Perhaps, excitingly, we're at a time where we can choose to evolve out of them.

One of my favourite signs that I found mounted to the fence of our Parliament.

Maybe, it’s that every time the elites squeeze, an oceanic wave of collective remembering pulses back towards us, allowing us to flow with the current to our own comfortable resting point. For some there’s a “HEY! I’m too full of life for that squeeze to be ok with me. I am a part of this democracy too!” While for others, the squeeze might feel like safety in a terrified world, something comfortably familiar. It's another place where I’ve recently learned to soften. I realized that these choices, the ones that we each make everyday in a vast array of diversity, are intimately between us and God. It reminded me that we all have the right to have our personal choices be met empathically in the light of love (assuming that we are all doing the best we can with what we've been given). The global mandates have affected us all in different ways, and since I have not walked a mile in the shoes of everyone, I can only share my own journey while aiming to steward principles, cultivating love and safety around what I believe to be difficult truths.

What I am sure of though, is that these mandates were curated to divide us, and two years later that they've been wildly successful. So successful in fact, that we created a force of national unity right in front of our Parliament to balance out their creation.

The truth about energy and this universe is that the spirit of humanity is not controlled by the elites, it's controlled by itself. Shamans call it the waking dream and we create it individually and collectively in every moment with our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

World events can also have spirits, collective intentions that bring everyone together, and when mass consensus is made, a burst of creational energy pulses out and into the world creating ripples of change. Curated rituals like the opening ceremony of Super Bowl or the Olympics have the elites vision in mind, while movements like the rally come from the collective spirit of grass roots humanity. And in a time of prophesied evolution, it's why they're so exciting!

To me, the Canadian Freedom Rally in Ottawa was an expression of Canada's collective heart, a movement of warriors (with a team of lawyers following the law to the best of their abilities) standing peacefully for our individual rights and freedoms, spreading peace and love in a sea of fear and projection. . . . and even if we were only a minority voicing our needs (perhaps only a couple of million in a country of thirty-eight), isn't it so that standing up for minorities is the thing that we've been taught to do right now? Many are saying that the Canadian Freedom Rally was a true zero point for global change and I may be a spiritual optimist, but I fully believe it to be true. I know we can move into a more loving expression of human society and the first step to transformation is waking up to the possibility that something better awaits.

With love,


*The American Constitution (with the Canadian Charter being of similar make up) was given 700 (for its inalienable rights) on the scale of consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins, while Colonialism ranked at 175. Let's not make the mistake of putting them in the same category.

Lower levels of consciousness (force) include shame (20), guilt (30), fear (100), anger (150), and pride (175). Courage at level 200, is the pivot point. Everything above 200 is characterized by power, going from willingness (310) and acceptance (350), through reason (400) and love (500) to joy (540), peace (600), and enlightenment (700–1000).


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Hi I'm Marnie,

. . . and I’m so happy you stopped in.

Really, it's so great! Welcome to my  blog 😊.

I’m an energy healer and spiritual coach, and my business is virtual, so I'm able to travel while I work. 


Three or four months of the year I'm trekking around the globe, and Balancing Duality is where I bridge my professional insights as an energy healer with my personal experiences as someone living and navigating life in this epic decade that is the 20’s 💃.


Written with your entertainment in mind, my content is often inspired by history and current events from a more galactic perspective. 


I'm also an advocate for spiritual development (obviously! I'm an energy healer, lol 🥰) and as far as lineages go, I tend draw my information from the realms of spiritual embodiment, Christ Consciousness, organic ascension, the lineage of the rose, the Cathars in France, the Qeros in Peru, Sri Aurobindo, Barbara Brennan, Rudolph Steiner, and the idea of planetary ascension from 3D to 5D. 

Each one of you reading this is beautifully unique, and your most valuable answers will come from within 💖. But . . . it's also a gift to be reminded of the path, and so I hope you'll join me as I write about my wild adventures, because here in these blog posts . . . that's exactly what I hope to do!


The path to energetic wholeness is a slow and steady process that unfolds over time. There's also a science to it.


Through trial and error🕵🏻‍♀️, I've learned that when we stay connected energetically with the earth 🌎 and with the sun ☀️, we stay aligned with our highest timeline and gain access to the tools we'll need to become healed and whole in our lives.


When it comes to illness, in theory, all dis-ease can be *healed  because dis-ease is a reflection of us stepping away from the God force within—however innocent, ancient, and unconscious that choice may have been in the past.

God is found in the present moment, and we can find the goodness of God by going into our hearts. When we do he/she brings healing, a greater sense of empowerment, and a desire to seek truth, growth, balance, and loving connections through service to others  in our lives. 💖

*The definition for healing that I like to use is this one: heal means to make whole; healing as a verb is an action that unifies separation.

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