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 Soul - Based  &
Heart - Centered  Healing



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What is Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? 

ENERGY is the vibration of sound and light. It's the essential fabric of the universe and the root of all lifeforms in our physical and non-physical world. 


The HUMAN ENERGY FIELD, also known as the aura, is a non-physical expression of this energy; a structured and fluid network of subtle data within and around our physical body that can be sensed and tapped into through high sense perception. Comprised of the meridian lines, the chakras, and the layers of the field, you could say that if our bodies were   a computer, our aura's would be our hard drive storing the information that creates how we function (both consciously and unconsciously) and also what we see projected on the screen.


HEAL, in one aspect of it's definition, means to make sound or whole. So, we could say

that HEALING as a verb is an action that unifies separation.


Put these two words together and the definitions for ENERGY and HEALING describe a unifying and holistic realm of knowledge and developed modalities, that at a vibrational level, can help us to better understand why we are the way we are. This expanded level of self awareness creates a new vantage point for self love, and through this loving embrace how to make improvements to who we are at a foundational level. 

About Marnie

Hi,I'm Marnie, energy healer
and spiritual coach.

Welcome to my site! Earth Heart Healing was created from my love affair with the healing arts. 

In 2012 I had my first spiritual awakening, it shook me to the core, propelled my life in a new direction, and helped me remember just how powerful a soul centered heart really is. It’s a soft kind of powerful, and the kind of powerful that heals through love. It was an experience that sparked a complete metamorphosis of my life.

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THE four levels  OF OUR BEING THAT


 Truth.  Awaken To Your Soul Nature & Experience Multi-Dimensional Living

 Soul- centered support. Embrace

      The Relationships That Nourish Your Heart

Energetic  anatomy.  Learn  The

                  Architecture Of Your        Subtle  Bodies

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Sparks  From  The  Heart

A    Philosophical Journey of the Soul's Incarnation into Your Subtle Heart 

A heart-led journey into healing through connection ~ Finding a Happy Life

Sparks From The Heart Has The Ability to Awaken Your Soul ~ Neil Thomson

 What I loved from Marnie's book is not only the content but the energy it holds. It's
like having a friend tell you her story while holding your hand. 
~ Olivia Baumann

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As It's Written In The Book

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Energy healing blurs the lines between science and spirituality. It reminds us

that harmony, well-being, and balance

are gifts given to humanity from

nature and from God.


It's a form of healing that taps into a higher order of frequency and wisdom that begins with cultivating sweetness of the heart.

Healing and Your Energy Field

Each and every healing / coaching session with me is client-centred, so each

session will be unique and informed by you and your needs. Below are some

 themes to get your thoughts flowing, and below that you can explore my booking options. 


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If you're new to energy healing this is a great way to begin. Gently cleansing the auric field is an easy way to help remove day to day baggage and can leave you feeling lighter and more balanced. Just like it's important to eat healthy foods and exercise, it's equally as important to keep the energy in our auric field clean and our own. 


Traumas  energetically,  are

un-processed experiences stored in the energy field. They are lineage patterns, early childhood experiences that lacked mature support, soul karma, and dynamics in societies programming that many of us were given from the world we live in. To become the most loving, conscious, empowered, and joyful version of who you are, chances are you'll have to walk the sacred path of healing your wounded child within.

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Do  you  know  in   your   heart  that

it's time  to  let  go  of  someone  or

something? Are you ready to move forward? If you're someone who feels ready, yet still, there is a little voice in your head, a certain emotion that keeps coming up, or a physical sensation in the body that you feel is still holding you back, dissolving relationship cords can be a helpful way to catalyze a shift.

Nurture  your   energy  field to
the healing   journey.

Book a single session to address something specific, or apply for

a transformational program to seriously catalyze your growth.

Welcome to Earth Heart Healing's virtual front desk!

If you're a New Client you'll need to create an account before you make a booking. Simply click 'Log In ' on the right hand side of the menu bar and follow the prompts. 

If you're a Returning Clientsame thing. Please make sure that you're logged in, ensuring that you're linked with your account before you proceed.

Got questions? Check out my FAQ  page for more info on my services and if you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at

Earth Heart Healing's Virtual  Front Desk


Client Testimonials

Marnie is a compassionate, radiant, and kind person who knows how to guide you gently into rediscovering your inner wisdom. She provided me with tools to deepen my relationship with myself. She is a wonderful coach who actively listens and knows how to lead sessions based on where you're at on your unique spiritual journey. I highly recommend

booking a session with her.

Alana, USA

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Breakthrough Bundle

7 WEEKLIVE, 1-ON-1 & GROUP, SOUL-LEVEL transformational
program designed to catalyze your growth.



Free content 

. . . each made with love, straight from the heart :)

An Energy Healers Guide To Spiritual Awakening is my YouTube channel. It's a space where I show up to chat about reoccurring themes in client sessions, offer tips for healing, and share inspired messages. In the future I aspire to host interviews with friends and esteemed guests on this channel. There are so many beautiful people in this world, and I'd love to create a space for others to share their voices on themes like healing, yoga, spiritual development, earth based living, and anything else to do with the awakening consciousness that's igniting on our planet at this time. 

Half journal, half self-help resource for awakening souls, Balancing Duality my blog. It's where I share my professional insights as an energy healer, and my personal experiences as someone living and navigating life in this epic decade that is the 20’s. All documented for your entertainment, and inspired by soul-centered living, healing repertoire, and my new found detectivesque curiosity for current events (once I learned how to see them from above the glass ceiling).

Like all of my other social pages, I often share about life, healing, and business, but exclusively to Instagram and Facebook is my collection of uplifting quotes. I love reading, and I have this little black book where I write down my favourite lines when they show up, because sometimes there's nothing more attention grabbing, revelation enabling, and soul tending than a quote. I pair 'em with an image and voila, you get a — sometimes biweekly, and at the very least monthly, uplifting quote.

The hearts energy field is 60x greater in scope and 100x greater in strength than the energy field of our minds (The Heart Math Institute). 


This field of energy has the ability to alchemize suffering from the root and once we've processed our stored wounds naturally we'll feel more free. Everyone has this capacity because it's innately human.

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