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 Soul - Based  &
Heart - Centered  Healing



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What is Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? 

ENERGY is the vibration of sound and light. It's the essential fabric of the universe  and the root of all lifeforms in our physical and non-physical world. 


The HUMAN ENERGY FIELD, also known as the aura, is a non-physical expression of this energy; it's a structured and fluid network of subtle data within and around our physical body that can be sensed and tapped into through high sense perception. Comprised of the meridian lines, the chakras, and the layers of the field, you could say that if our bodies were   a computer, our aura's would be our hard drive storing the information that creates how we function (both consciously and unconsciously) and also what we see projected on the screen.


HEAL, in one aspect of it's definition, means to make sound or whole.  So, you could also say that HEALING as a verb is an action that unifies separation.


If you put these two words together, the definition for ENERGY HEALING describes a unifying and holistic realm of knowledge and developed modalities, that at a vibrational level, can help us to better understand why we are the way we are. This expanded level of self awareness creates a new vantage point for self love, and through this loving embrace how to make improvements to who we are at a foundational level. 

About Marnie

Hi,I'm Marnie, energy healer
and spiritual coach.

Earth Heart Healing was created out of my love affair with the healing arts.


In 2012 I had my first spiritual awakening, it shook me to the core, propelled my life in a new direction, and helped me remember just how powerful a soul centered heart really was. It’s a soft kind of powerful, and the kind of powerful that heals through love. It was an experience that sparked a complete metamorphosis of my life. 

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THE four levels  OF OUR BEING THAT


 Truth.  Awaken To Your Soul Nature & Experience Multi-Dimensional Living

 Soul- centered support. Embrace
      The Relationships That Nourish Your Heart

Energetic  anatomy.  Learn  The
                  Architecture Of Your        Subtle  Bodies

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Sparks  From  The  Heart

A    Philosophical Journey of the Soul's Incarnation into Your Subtle Heart 

A heart-led journey into healing through connection ~ Finding a Happy Life

Sparks From The Heart Has The Ability to Awaken Your Soul ~ Neil Thomson

 What I loved from Marnie's book is not only the content but the energy it holds. It's
like having a friend tell you her story while holding your hand. 
~ Olivia Baumann

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As It's Written In The Book

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Energy healing blurs the lines between science and spirituality. It reminds us that harmony, well-being, and balance are gifts given to humanity from

nature and from God.


It's a form of healing that taps into a higher order of frequency and wisdom that begins with cultivating sweetness of the heart.


Karolina, Canada

" Marnie is an excellent guide into the subtle energies of our being. She has a very open heart and holds space with generosity and patience. She used different tools like meditation, journaling prompts and visualization to assist me with a large decision and blockage I’ve held for a while. I am grateful to her for the conversations we had, and the process she provided for me. She is a deep listener and inquisitive as a spiritual coach." 


Alana, USA

" Marnie is a compassionate, radiant, and kind person who knows how to guide you gently into rediscovering your inner wisdom. She provided me with tools to deepen my relationship with myself. She is a wonderful coach who actively listens and knows how to lead sessions based on where you're at on your unique spiritual journey. I highly recommend booking a session with her."

Silke, Netherlands

" Marnie is such an attuned, gentle but very strong force! It’s very vulnerable to share our inside world with another person, but Marnie is such a sweet soul that made me feel right where I needed to be. I felt belonging, connection and true compassion. Very quickly I fell into the meditations that unravelled some deeper levels of myself. With this I felt like I could come home within me." 

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L.J. , Canada

" There are many aspects that make Marnie a wonderful healer; she is intuitive, empathic, loving, gentle, kind, and supportive, and you will witness many of these the moment you meet her. Throughout the past months I've been processing my inner child and some very intense moments arose that required me to be open, accepting, and strong. Marnie gracefully helped me through these tough energetic blocks.

She was great at providing me tools to continue to do self-work at home and also continues to support me whenever I need it. "


Sandra, Italy

" Marnie is a powerful and professional healer. My journey with her has been a beautiful intense transformation and awakening to my soul. I've learned so much with her and healed key points in the story of this lifetime. I've understood with compassion the pain in my lineage

and the power that I have to transform it into self realization. I'm honoring my ancestors. In this process I'm breaking patterns and embodying my true wholesome self. I deeply encourage my friends to work with her. She is love and will hold space for your healing and consciousness expansion. "

Bridget, USA

" Marnie has the kindest heart, with an unmatched capacity to hold space for others and their emotions. Marnie shares her depth of knowledge in a very thoughtful and approachable manner, then guides one through a rich mediation practice. Through my work with Marnie, I discovered hidden aspects of myself and ultimately found a sense of lightness and healing. " 

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The hearts energy field is 60x greater in scope and 100x greater in strength than the energy field of our minds

(The Heart Math Institute). 


This field of energy has the ability to alchemize suffering from the root and once we've processed our stored wounds naturally we'll feel more free. Everyone has this capacity because it's innately human.


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